My Research

Nicholas J. Borys, Ph.D

I am an experimental physicist and materials scientist at the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. My expertise is in condensed matter physics with an emphasis on the interactions between light and nanoscale materials where ultra-small physical dimensions enhance quantum mechanical phenomena. The overarching goal of my research is to develop novel quantum materials and optics-based measurement techniques for next-generation solar energy harvesting, efficient lighting, advanced computing and information technologies. For more information on my research please see my publications and the media coverage of my scientific work.

News & Updates

  • 08/2017
    Optical detection and discrimination of band gap and excitonic resonances in monolayer MoS2 enables the quantification of carrier-induced renormalization of excitons and free-carriers in atomically thin two-dimensional semiconductors, systems with intense many-body interactions:

    PRL 119, 08740 (2017).
    See also: Berkeley Lab press release.
  • 06/2017
    I am delighted to announce that I accepted a faculty positon in the Physics Department at Montana State University and will start there next summer where I plan to build a research group in nano-optics and quantum phenomena in low-dimensional materials.

    The "big sky" over the Gallatin and Madison mountain ranges just outside of Bozeman, Montana:
  • 01/2017
    It was a busy end to 2016 and start to 2017. Many items were published including our latest report and the broadband photoexcitation and spatially localized charge puddles in two-dimensional semiconductors in ACS Nano:

    ACS Nano doi:10.1021/acsnano.6b08278
  • 08/2016
    Presented an invited talk on nano-imaging of exictonic photoluminescence at SPIE Optics + Photonics in San Diego, California.
  • 08/2016
    Took a break for a few days and climbed Mt. Whitney in California.
  • 07/2016
    Enjoyed serving as a discussion leader for the Gordon Research Seminar on colloidal nanocrystals in Mount Snow, Vermont.
  • 06/2016
    Took a quick weekend break from science to climb Mt. Rainier with some very good friends.
  • 05/2016
    Presented an invited talk on nano-imaging and spectroscopy of monolayer MoS2 at Penn State's 2016 Graphene and Beyond conference.
  • 03/2016
    Headed to Baltimore for the 2016 APS March meeting talk about excitonic states in monolayer MoS2.
  • 03/2016
    Had a great time attending Nanolight 2016 and talking about charge puddles and edges in monolayer MoS2.
  • 01/2016
    Mini-review on polarizing prospects in near-field microscopy is now available.Link
  • 12/2015
    Mini-review on polarizing prospects in near-field microscopy is now available.Link
  • 08/2015
    Presented nano-imaging and PLE spectroscopy of monolayer MoS2 at the 2015 MRS Fall meeting.
  • 08/2015
    Advanced Materials review of the imaging facilities at the Molecular Foundry is outLink
  • 08/2015
    Presented results on the nanoscale excitonic anatomy of monolayer MoS2 at the 2015 Molecular Foundry Users' Meeting.
  • 08/2015
    Latest results on nearfield imaging of monolayer MoS2 reported in Nature CommunicationsLink
  • 04/2015
    Enjoyed the challenge of explaining the very large and the very small with the "Powers of 10" at LBL's 2015 Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  • 04/2015
    Started an Instagram feed to share some of my daily activities at the Molecular Foundry.Link
  • 03/2015
    Had a great time visiting Hefei National Lab at USTC in Hefei, ChinaLink
  • 03/2015
    Spectral dynamics of long-lived excitations in multi-well semiconductor nanocrystals reported in ChemPhysChemLink
  • 01/2015
    Presented nano-optical imaging results of 2D semiconductors at PCSI-42 in Snowbird, UT.
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